This is Activeworlds Europe, your entry point to our 3-dimensional Web Universe.
Inside our Universe are public and private Web Worlds where you can step into a virtual body (avatar) and walk, swim or fly around to meet other people.

You communicate with other visitors via (typed) chat, VOIP or gestures such as waving at them. You can also display streaming video and pictures to your audience, or hold audio presentations. Feeling creative? Copy existing objects or build your own to make your own special place on the 3D internet.

Professional and home use
You can use Web Worlds for business or pleasure or a mixture of both. Each Web World holds up to 65,000 people. Who would you like to meet there?

Enter the 3D internet
You gain access to the Activeworlds Universe by downloading our small (5MB) browser. To take your first steps in our Web Universe, Go 3D.