3D Web Worlds
3D Web Worlds
Web Worlds are multi-user environments that you can use to meet other internet visitors, have fun and do business. Unlike normal websites, they are three-dimensional, which means that you can walk around in them in your virtual body. While exploring, you can chat to other people and take part in activities. Web Worlds can be private or public.
Getting in
A Web Universe contains one or more Web Worlds. To get into the Universe or a particular Web World, you need to download a small (3MB) browser. You only have to do this once, and then you just click the icon on your desktop to enter again.
Rent or buy
You can rent a Web World from just Ä85 per year. Or you can buy the software and create your own universe.

"Letís work on it together"
Meet more easily
Hold a special meeting in our Virtual Conference Room, or invite all your employees into our Virtual Auditorium. Why waste money on flights and hotels when you can see each other online?
Showcase your company
A multi-user Virtual Trade Show will save you time, money and effort when meeting your customers and doing business. It can be open when your real-life booth is shut, optimising your investment.