Come and have fun
Come and have fun
3D gaming
Do you enjoy playing games with your friends? Most of us do, and it’s more fun than playing on your own. In our 3D Universe, you can compete with other visitors in all sorts of games. You can also solve mysteries, find your way out of mazes and much more. And all you need is a broadband internet connection.
Play with people all over the world
The Activeworlds technology consists of a small (5MB) download that you can keep as an icon on your PC. Click on the icon, and you enter our Web Universe which contains lots of places where you can play games. What makes our games really fun is that you can chat to other people while you play – and watch everyone trying to win!
Our games
There are all sorts of games you can play with others online in our Web Worlds, including Treasure Hunts, a Maze, Bingo, Chess and Draughts. Simple, but fun! And you can win real prizes with some of them! Unlike traditional computer games, our software doesn’t come in expensive packages: you can play for free as a Tourist, or enjoy more options online for a monthly fee of € 6.50 as a Citizen.

"Look: I just beat the winner!"
Work with others
Our partnership with Caligari now offers you the possibility to develop your own multi-user 3D environments for educational and home use. We can offer special licences to educational institutions and students for this purpose.